Redondo Beach, CA, USA




     Here at Positive Vibes Cancer Foundation NO ONE is alone! Whether you are a fighter, survivor, teenager, adult, have a child with cancer, male, female or adult we are here to support YOU! No cancer is better or worse and we want to help find a cure and cause for every single type of cancer. Through a variety of services we want you to feel part of a group that has nothing but positive vibes! We understand YOU and know how much easier it is to have a support system of people that really truly understand what it is you are going through and feeling. 


      We are based in the U.S. and Europe so are able to offer services to everyone around the world! With the power of social media and technology resources you will always have a fellow friend and support group to count on! Our foundation helps raise funds for different cancers and also for different individuals within the positive vibes tribe. Together we all work together to make a difference.  Workshops and services will also be available to members at no cost. Plus everyone loves an excuse to attend a great event and raise funds for an amazing cause!!