Redondo Beach, CA, USA




      In January 2016, Founder Kelsey Taveira was diagnosed with a brain tumor after suffering a Grand Mal seizure and days later had her first craniotomy. The tumor was determined a Grade II "benign" Oligodendroglioma and no further treatments would be required. Follow ups of MRI's at UCLA were done every 3 months and although the tumor changed to a Grade II Mixed Oligoastrocytoma about a year later the tumor remained small and stable. Kelsey was given no solid information on her tumor diagnosis and what the future could look like so she went on with life thinking she was one of the lucky ones that found her tumor, had a brain surgery that removed the tumor and she was good to go. In the two year window Kelsey did just that and also got married and started living in Portugal with her husband. There was never a thought the tumor would come back and never was she told there was a chance it could. Life was great and going exactly as she could have hoped. Until Novemeber 16, 2017 after a routine MRI, Kelsey found out the tumor had grown back and was bigger then when it was first found in 2016. Because of the size the only option was another surgery. Kelsey went in for a second craniotomy January 23, 2018 and after a successful surgery of an 85% removal learned the tumor had changed to a Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma and this time would require 6 weeks of radiation and a year of chemotherapy called Temodar. Kelsey decided to turn this life changing negative into a positive and create a website and blog where she would document her journey of life with brain cancer. In conjunction with standard treatment Kelsey is trying everything holistic she could find. Kelsey hopes to create awareness, spread positive vibes, inspire and help those affected or may one day be affected with a brain tumor or any type of cancer. This foundation was created because together we can all make a difference and create awareness and support. Follow her blog here